Imagery – Design provides a comprehensive service to visionary website developers who are perhaps more comfortable with code than they are with imagery. This includes image composition and retouching,  web elements from custom buttons to sliders, static and animated ads, logo stingers and video captions.


Having had an apprenticeship in design using manual methods I have naturally developed a keen eye for typography and page layout as a drawing desk doesn’t have a ‘DELETE’ button. Mistakes or badly planned layout meant redrawing the page layout by hand, resizing images manually and re-specifying the typesetting – again done manually by judgement an experience.

About Me


I have 30 years of design experience going back to the days when cut and paste was a literal term involving a drawing desk, a scalpel and spray mount. Initially this was for my own company, Zebra Design, which I ran in partnership with a friend and colleague. He had a background in litho printing and platemaking and our work mostly involved design for print in all forms including leaflets/brochures, packaging and point of sale.

Clients at the time included Goodmans (consumer electronics) and the UK retailer Argos.

I was also an illustrator using many media but particularly airbrush so we also ran an illustration agency for a number of years representing other illustrators and serving the design and publishing industry.

I then had a short period as a photographer before moving towards digital forms of design, illustration, imagery and web design.

Andrew Nelson

Design Philosophy

I have an approach to design which comes as a direct result of my early apprenticeship with a drawing desk and manual methods. At that time artwork and design required a certain instinctual ability and a keen aesthetic eye because mistakes, either made on the desk or simply by misinterpreting the brief, meant starting again from the beginning. I believe this manual introduction to design to be an invaluable advantage in the current world of digital media with some ‘designers’ being very skilled with the latest software but perhaps lacking in this crucial respect.

My style can perhaps be described as minimalist – again as a result of initially designing with manual methods and invariably starting a project with a blank white page. In so doing I tend to envisage novel ideas in a cognitive space before finding the best way to execute them.

Mission Statement

The key to success is not always in growth but is in the more personal objective of working with your inherent gifts and talents and at a level that nourishes rather than drains your enthusiasm. As such I have purposefully created a work / life balance which serves me in this way and in which I can offer the best service to my clients. I therefore have a limited client list who receive very personal attention thus allowing them to also focus on their passion.


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